Tomorrow night we’re planning an experiment in distance learning. If it works out, we’ll offer our evening Blazing Cloud classes with a (for pay) online option, but for starters we thought we would try out the tech. If you want to join us at 6:30pm for an introduction to Ruby on Rails, please join this google group.

The audience is people who already know how to program, but don’t know Rails. If you want to join us, you should install Ruby and Rails before you arrive.

  • If you are on Mac or Linux, I recommend rvm for installing Ruby and Ruby Gems, use either 1.9.2 or 1.8.7 and then
    • gem install rails
    • install git — you can use instructions linked from here
  • If you are on Windows, I recommend the shiny new Rails Installer from the fine folks at Engine Yard

Also, please create an account on Heroku, since we will host our apps there

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