Last week’s distance learning experiment was a success! We had a few technical glitches… I forgot to hit the “record” button at the beginning and after the break and didn’t set the meeting time to last the whole session, so I’ll be repeating the class today at 4pm PST. The Blazing Cloud blog has more details on this Ruby on Rails class webinar.

I’m very excited about this format. Every time I offer this class, one or two people ask if they can attend remotely. And every time I feel like it is just too hard to get it all together. However, this time I decided to try this as an experimented and Anita Kuno suggested that we use InstantPresenter which seems to be working quite well. I am excited that we had remote participants from as far away as Cambodia and have felt honored by the warm response to the first class.

3 thoughts on “kicking off remote learning for ruby on rails

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  2. InstantPresenter has its flaws but in combination with physically attending the RoR class it is extremely beneficial to a newbie. The class goes at a certain speed in order to get all the good RoR stuff in. InstantPresenter allows the student to retake the class, pause the viewing so notes can be written and/or research technical terms, and then proceed. Due to the flaws inherit in InstantPresenter, I personnally still need to be physcially present in the class to absorb the lesson. InstantPresenter makes is easy for me to fill in the gaps.

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