At RubyConf this year, we hosted a Kids Track.  One of the activities was to make web adventure games.

If you want to make a Pie game, go to the pie-bakery. If you have questions about creating games with pie or suggestions for improvements, you can sign up to this google group and post questions or ideas via the web or email.

Check out the games that the kids made this week:

I also gave a talk at the conference about the making of Pie. Here are the slides from the talk:

Here are github repos:
# this lets you do local pie development, generates a Sinatra-based webapp
gem install pie # hosted IDE (build in Rails) # uses Rhomobile to create an app for any SmartPhone platform (tested on iPhone and Android)
rake run:iphone
rake run:android

We just created a pie-cooks google group for people who are working on creating/improving Pie.

Pivotal Tracker project:

4 thoughts on “pie: game development for kids

  1. Sarah – did you see the talk abot RGen and Concrete? Concrete would be perfect as a front-end for pie – don’t even have to write code, just use the DSL directly.

    I enjoyed your talk! Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks for the talk and for the post. I work at a game developmentfirm and it’s great to see more interest in getting kids into the, ahem, ‘game’ early on – or at least sparking an interest. If these are kids that have a passion for game dev, they’ll be happier the sooner they pursue it.

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  4. im 11 and im already into 3d modelling… no joke. but where the heck can i find something tht teaches code in a free, easy, and understandable way???

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