Thanks to the support of the RubyConf organizers and a core group of dedicated engineers we are putting on a parallel track at RubyConf with activities for kids.  The kids signup already went out on the conference list, but I’m posting more details for everyone here and in case some parents missed the initial call for participation!

Kids 10 and up whose parents are comfortable with them being responsible for themselves can attend on their own. Younger kids must be accompanied by a grown-up who is welcome to learn to code or just hang out and have fun.

Details of activities subject to change based on the inspiration of the volunteers and ideas from the kids.  Kids should have had breakfast and bring lunch money — the group will go out to eat or head down to the hotel restaurant since catered lunches are crazy expensive at the hotel.


  • 10:30am start (after the keynotes / lightning talks and so kids don’t have to wake up early!)
  • Activity 1
  • noon – 1:30 lunch
  • Activity 2
  • 3pm snack
  • 3-6pm open game play: board games, puzzles, xBox and Wii
  • 6pm show & tell open house

Planned Activities

  • Pixel Loops (aka Distributed Ruby Processing) – this is a group activity where kids can send commands for drawing lines and shapes and they will all show up on the big screen
  • Interactive Graphics projects – we’ll split into small groups to create dynamic patterns with shapes and color (check out this example – hint roll over the pattern with your mouse to change it)
  • Web adventure games with Pie, here is a simple example
  • Building circuits with flashing lights and other physical effects that can be controlled by the computer.  We’ll have some kits already put together, but older kids can learn to solder partnered with a grown-up.

The organizing team:

Thanks to our sponsors:


If you would like to join our list of fabulous sponsors please email me: sarah (at) ultrasaurus (dot) com or you can send a personal donation through RailsBridge.

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