“The boundaries between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

I love the fluid feel of Theo Jansen’s work. (It’s worth looking up some of his other creations on YouTube.) This one feels like some kind of mystical wind creature. Most impressive, though, is the way that this extraordinary act of engineering is made to seem effortless.

One thought on “kinetic sculpture by theo jansen

  1. Hi Sarah-
    Beautiful post.
    Because yesterday was Memorial Day, I thought I would suggest looking at the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is another example of the interface between engineering and art:

    It is a sundial with the names of the 1103 soldiers lost during that war, arranged such that the shadow of the tip of gnomon (which is what the pointer on a sundial is called) touches the person’s name on the day of his death each year – a reference to our individuality, our collectivity and our place in the universe.

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