“In fact, female performance in high school mathematics now matches that of males. If biology were the basis of that, we’ve seen some major evolution in the past decades.”

According to a recent “study,” women are being overlooked or actively ignored for promotion and the committee could find no reason for the discrepancy in gender representation. This committee of experts ruled out “biological differences in ability, hormonal influences, childrearing demands, and even differences in ambition.”


One thought on “sudden spike in evolution?

  1. Gee.. you think perhaps the standard of females and math might have something to do with an unbiased education system? What a rubbish article, as if women have ‘evolved’ to become better at Math. No it’s more likely our schools social structure now allows women to learn the same subjects as men. My parents generation had women doing sewing and cooking while men did woodwork and Math. Ridiculous.
    Now it’s a matter of getting the rest of our society up to speed.

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