Code literacy is not just the ability to read and write code. It is a problem-solving ability.

I love to code. I love to teach people how to code, because people inevitably learn a new way to solve problems, to think about how parts of our new world work.

I found this note while cleaning up in my office. I think it was the beginning of a Strange Loop 2011 talk, I called it Easy as Pie: Teaching Code Literacy (video). It’s not actually easy to teach coding, but it is something that anyone who is passionate about it can share 1-1 with a little practice. The key is to keep trying till you find that spark, and if you never do, that’s cool too, since it’s an important 21st century skill.

  • It’s not about learning a trade.
  • We should teach coding for the same reasons we teach about the laws of gravity or photosynthesis.
  • It’s a fundamental part of our world.
  • We need to prepare our kids (and adults) to use technology to solve the very real and urgent problems that we face today.
  • We need to teach our kids how to think in every possible way. ¬†We need to stretch their brains to prepare them to lead their lives with all of options available to them.

hand written notes of the bulleted list above

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