We need more pop culture that show how strong men can be attracted to powerful, smart, technical women. A couple of years ago, I wrote about the rise in hacker love songs being a positive trend for women in computing. Today I saw Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling.

I can’t count the number of times my sweetheart stayed up late with me and edited yet one more draft of an important proposal or word-smithed my bio to make me sound more impressive than I thought I was. We need new media portrayals of what it means to be loved in an honest and meaningful way.

While I wish it had been a guy, writing love notes for a girl, Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling was created by writer, artist and designer, Lian Amaris (@lianamaris).

I think Angie Chang said it well in her post on Ryan Gosling Silicon Valley:

Remember, if something you think should exist but doesn’t, make it happen.

Some more of my favorites:

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