I love Tara Hunt’s synopsis of being a startup entreprenuer (via Women 2.0)

Her whole presentation really resonates with my experience. Changing the world is tough. That’s what starting a company is all about. I got involved in a startup straight out of college. From the very early days of CoSA (The Company of Science & Art which created After Effects) where we met in living rooms through the grueling nights and weekends of building software in our office where we didn’t turn on the air conditioning in Providence’s sweltering summers and skimped on heat during New England winters. I can’t say that I loved every minute of it, but I’m proud of creating something that people still tell me changed their lives and shifted an industry. Knowing I have the potential for such things, how can I really do anything else when I have ides and see problems in the world that can be solved with software? Knowing how hard it is, understanding the sacrifices that it takes, I also know that I’m more than a little bit crazy.

Nice to feel like I’m in good company.

Complete slides below:

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