I am happy to announce that our next series of classes at Blazing Cloud are starting soon!

We will be offering an evening Javascript for Programmers class from May 25th to June 30th, which is targeted toward web developers who have been coding with another language and would like to learn Javascript. This class is taught by Max Carlson, co-founder of Laszlo Systems. Max is a JavaScript wiz and an experienced teacher. He’ll be teaching with our standard test-first approach, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him in action.

We will also be hosting an introductory evening Ruby class for people who have never programmed before, or who have a limited amount of experience programming in another language. The Learn to Program in Ruby class will run from May 25th to June 29th, and is open to anyone, including students and children (if they bring a grown-up)! This class will be co-taught by longtime programmer and Ruby enthusiast Brian Jenkins and Walter Yu, an active RailsBridge teacher who also helps with Engine Yard University. I’m so excited to have Anita Kuno as a virtual TA, which enables us to offer this special class also as a webinar.

Each of these classes will be held at Blazing Cloud in San Francisco, where instructors are passionate programmers currently working in the field, encouragement and delicious snacks are provided for optimal learning success rates, and brightly colored inflatable animals roam freely throughout the workspace inspiring creativity and fun filled brilliance. We take our coding seriously, but I firmly believe that playfulness enhances learning. I’m very excited to have these new teachers bringing their ideas and enthusiasm to Blazing Cloud.

Sign up now and tell your friends. I’ve extended early bird pricing till Saturday, May 12th, and scholarships are available.

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