Last night, Sarah Mei (@sarahmei) and I attended a Tokyo Ruby Meetup, asakusa.rb.  It was the 63rd (ish) meeting of this group of Rubyists that meets every Tuesday.  There are about 10 ruby core committers who attend this group, along with other developers who gather weekly to hack Ruby code.  This special meeting had an agenda that went something like:

  • 17:45 introductions
  • 20:15 drinking

During introductions, Akira Matsuda (@a_matsuda) who founded the group, put pins on a google map for new people and scrolled and zoomed to find repeat visitors. Here’s a photo from @kakutani of me introducing myyelf:

There were many who will speak at Ruby Kaigi and several Ruby Kaigi organizers who attended.  I wish I had the whole list!

After introductions, we enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Rubyists with much drinking and conversation.  I had technical issues with my phone and couldn’t manage to take photos till the very end of the evening, but I will always remember this first evening with Japanese Rubyists where I felt we had more in common than we had differences.

3 thoughts on “ruby meetup in tokyo: asakusa.rb

  1. So happy for you two — all of you American Rubyists over there! Lovely to hear of feeling of communion among everyone.

    Very excited to hear your take on it all, Sarah. Keep the pics tweets & blog posts coming!

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