In April, I spoke at the East Bay Ruby Meetup about Test-First Teaching both as a teaching methodology and as a path to learning about test-driven development.

Marakana kindly sponsored the recording of the talk. Max Walker did the video recording, production and and just posted it:

Another Ruby on Rails training at Marakana is coming up July 19-23, sign up before June 19th to get the early bird discount.

4 thoughts on “learning TDD through test-first teaching

  1. Great presentation! Loved it!

    Nice to see that you’re also too lazy (or whatever) to buy SizeUp. Me too :)

  2. Actually, I’ve bought SizeUp, but it wasn’t at all obvious where to put the license key and I’m too lazy to read up on where to configure it. It’s a great utility — you should pay for it!

  3. I really loved this talk. I am in the process of writing my first iPad application, and I want to do it cleanly (via OCUnit), so this was a great refresher on the reasons to practice TDD.

    I was wondering if you had images of the two diagrams of TDD vs traditional development in terms of productivity over time and cost per feature?

  4. Good presentation. I really like your comments about how the tests really require students to read the error messages. Good stuff. When I teach TDD (to entry level Java students), I take a different approach as I found that even the tests themselves were too confusing for students when handed to them. I wrote about my methods and experiences here if you’re interested. I’d love your feedback on it. (It’s actually an IEEE publication)

    Keep up the good work!

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