I’ve gotten a number of requests for follow-on training in San Francisco for Rails and the Ruby language, so here are some classes coming up in January.

Ruby on Rails class

Another Ruby on Rails training at Marakana is coming up January 19-22 — the deadline for early bird discount is Dec 29.  I was pleased to hear positive feedback from the test-first teaching approach:

I really love the emphasis on test driven development and the use of tests as a way to move students along in exercises. This is definitely the way to teach. I highly commend you folks for doing it. It provided instant feedback on how successful my coding was, and provided a good guideline for successful coding in my profession. — Reed College

One thing Marakana did extremely well was provide unit tests with labs. This one technique alone will now represent the standard I hold all future training courses to. It made training more than learning, it made it about problem solving. It made learning fun. — Near Infinity

Scholarship. Marakana will again be offering a scholarship spot (deadline Jan 12). If you feel that your presence will increase diversity in the Ruby on Rails community and that taking this class could have a positive impact on your life and you would not otherwise be able to afford the class, please fill out this short form. Our decision on the candidate will balance your need, how much taking this course will have a beneficial effect and your potential impact on the community. Bonus points for bloggers and twitterers or people who otherwise spread their know-how.

Ruby language class

Liah Hansen and I will be teaching a new Ruby language class which will be 6 weekly evening classes with homework assignments in between.  I didn’t set up a scholarship form for the Ruby language class, since it is less expensive, but would consider an application for this class as well — just add a note to the first field in the form.

If you sign up for both classes, we’ll give you a $200 discount on the Marakana class.

Advanced Rails class

Wolfram Arnold will be teaching an advanced Rails class on Jan 25-28, the week after my introductory class. This will be a good companion to the first class or a way to sharpen your skills if you are already working with Rails.

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