John Sundman is working on a new book: Creation Science. He describes it as “a technothriller about scary science — like designer DNA, brain hacking & mind control, computer viruses and biological viruses.”

Please consider supporting the arts and this experiment by an independent writer in alternative book funding. You can pledge any amount.

John has distributed his previous books for free on the web with a Creative Commons license, with a pledge of $15 or more you will receive a printed copy of the book when it is complete, but you can pledge smaller amounts just to support the effort, or if you can afford it, you can be a patron for $250 and get early drafts of the book.

I reviewed his Acts of the Apostles — my favorite of his three books, and just made a pledge to help him keep working on this one. I look forward to reading it. I think that kickstart provides a neat way for independent writers to be funded.

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