I’ll be teaching Ruby on Rails in a hands-on class in SF. In starts quite soon, on 8/25. It will be suitable for anyone who has attended one of the recent workshops or for anyone who is a programmer already but just doesn’t know Ruby or Rails. For folks who need to install a dev environment, there’s an SFRuby Meetup install fest on 8/24.  You can sign up for the class online.  Here’s the course description:

Ruby on Rails Fundamentals
You will learn how to create data-driven web applications with Ruby on Rails. Through test-driven and exploratory development, you will become familiar with ActiveRecord, including associations. You will gain an understanding of the SQL implicitly written through your Ruby code. You will learn about customizing views, view helpers, routes and controller actions. At the end of this class, the “generate scaffold” command will hold no magic. There will be short assignments that you will be expected to accomplish between classes.

  • 6 weeks, one 2-hour evening class per week, Tuesdays 8/25 – 9/29, 6:30-8:30pm
  • You must bring your own laptop to work on
  • Prerequisite: you must have already installed Ruby and Rails and be comfortable using command line tools. You must have some programming experience, but need not know Ruby.

In keeping with the workshop tradition, we’ll figure out childcare if there are folks who want to enroll in the class and need it.  Depending on the number of kids, the JCC has some different options, so we need to see what’s needed before we make specific plans.  So, don’t let worries about childcare keep you from signing up!  I know this question can be just as important for Dads and for Moms these days.

Many thanks to Andrea Heilbronner for organizing the class and Michael Pope for organizing the Install Fest. It is great to be part of a community who sees a need and makes things happen.

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