I’ve been periodically trying to fix comments on this weblog with no luck. Since I started this weblog in 2003 with Movable Type 2.63, I have upgraded it every year or two and periodically added do-dads and code snippets. Sometimes it is easier to start fresh than to fix what’s there.

This morning I decided to completely recreate this blog and the comment system does seem to work. If you have posted a comment in the last couple of years I made you a trusted commenter. If you are a new friend (or one of my old friends who reads this and then never says anything), the next time you comment I will make you trusted. If you are a trusted commenter, then comments will be posted immediately. If the new MT is better at spam prevention, then maybe I’ll just let anyone comment, but I had over 7000 spam comments that I just deleted so it has been a bit of a problem.

Please post a comment to help me test. Feel free to give me any feedback on blog design. I plan to bring back in elements of the old design after ensuring that the functionality is working. Do folks like the new three-column layout or is it too cluttered? Should I post an image of me with my new purple hair?

The tag cloud is obviously broken. I’ll tackle that next. Please let me know if you see anything else funky.

[Update: moved to WordPress and the lovely thematic theme.]

4 thoughts on “renovations may take a while

  1. Hmmm. It looks like comments *sometimes* work — Scott had to try 2x. The second time worked after I lowered the spam threshold.

    I think I might look into converting to WordPress tonight. Sigh.

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