offers an interesting format for interviews where you see the interviewer and interviewee side-by-side, which they call a diavlog (a term I can’t quite imagine using in conversation). The interviews appear to be recorded with webcams and a phone call.

They offer some neat playback features: the ability to link into a video (but I don’t see that I can make my own link) and the ability to playback the auido/video at a faster speed, which is surprisingly usable (although I wish I had a scrubber interface for the speed of the video, rather than simply the “1.4” button which appears to switch playback to an alternate video file).

I enjoyed listening to bits of a few interviews. The one below was fun, although it starts slow, you can start in the middle what’s the point of sex? which discusses some scientific perspectives on the topic. The parts about free will and the placebo effect were pretty interesting too.

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