Seesmic offers a new concept with its video conversations. When going to the website, its an odd sort of destination as I realize that while I personally just want to check out the tech, I have to actually think of something to say and I can bear another “hello” or “testing 1,2,3” clip. I find the other conversations to be an odd mix and while I loved the John Cleese interview, the replies that I listened to ranged from obvious to inane. I realized that I’m more interested in a listening to people I know, so I thought starting a conversation in the context of a blog post would make sense.

Please reply, I’d love to see and hear from anyone reading this blog whether I already know you or now. I know it is weird to throw your image and words into the ether, but I think we all need to participate in this new media in order to figure out what works.

Looking at seesmic for the first timeExpermental first post

Note: these guys are still in alpha. From a Flash video perspective they’ve done a wonderful job, but search is slow (I couldn’t find the interview that I liked to link it here) and a dialog kept popping up telling me that my session timed out, but otherwise they site continued to work. In terms of the user experience, they really need to help people out in terms of knowing what to do when you arrive at the site.

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