This is a compelling, and frightening, documentary on a policy where rape victims were charged for the kits used to collect the forensic evidence. This took place in Wasilla, Alaska during the time that Sarah Palin was mayor.

Brian Dominick comments: “The answer as to why Palin and her chief would do this lies in the fact that included in all rape kits is the ‘morning after’ pill. Victims are routinely asked, would they like to take the pill just in case to ensure they will not come up pregnant if the attackers sperm has fertilized an egg. …Look carefully at her denials. She says clearly she does not condone paying for ‘evidence gathering.'”

I absolutely support Sarah Palin’s right to refuse a morning after pill and bear the child if she were raped, but she has no right to demand that anyone else do so.

Check out this and other short documentaries at the Wasilla Project blog for local stories from the folks who know well the practices and policies of Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

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