I was doing a little research for a friend and found some nice resources for women speakers. Jason Kottle collected some great stats about representation of women at web conferences. Every year or so, someone asks me a question like this, so I thought I would post a few pointers.

It’s pretty awesome that people are collecting and publishing resources for conference organizers. I find the focused lists most effective:

  • Flash Goddess has the a great women speaker list , with topics and details about each speakers area of expertise
  • LinuxChix offers Chix who Speak
  • BlogHer, of course, has great women who talk about blogging 2007, 2006

Other lists are very broad, and it is hard to see what exactly people are expert at.

Know any lists I missed? Please comment and I will pass them on.

One thought on “Gender Diversity in Web Conferences

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just learned from Dani Malik about this blog post – I posted something on the same topic a day before: http://livlab.com/thinkia/2008/05/speak-up/

    These are great lists, thanks. If you have any suggestions on how to get more women to speak at conferences or what you think of the “at least 1 conference in 2008” pledge, please drop me a comment.



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