Take aways from Amitava Sinharay. I’ve added some of my own…

Alan Cooper
– Create the insurgency!
– Software is not a problem to be solved, it is a process.
– Programming is craftsmenship.
– programmers respect competence not authority — they can’t be managed, only “facilitated”
– there is no real scarcity of time and money, yet we are confronted with that scarcity every day

Gretchen Anderson
– Keep the momentum … go for it!

Sarah Allen
– Create fans not users.

Sigi Moeslinger
– Design is a form of intervention.

Bill DeRouchey
– Inspiration is around us.

Bill Buxton
– Experience shouldn’t suck.
– Designer rhymes with whiner- but STOP WHINING!
– Everybody is not a designer.
– There is no such thing as low fidelity or high fidelity prototype- only right or wrong prototype.
– The only way to engineer the future tomorrow is to have lived it yesterday!
– Your value lies in your distinctiveness

Gretchen Anderson
– the difference between a newspaper report and a story
– synthesize detail
– “don’t be afraid to be wrong, be afraid of not making a statement”

Carl DiSalvo
– most people have no experience with design: you don’t go home and prototype dinner, you just make it

Bill DeRouchey
– make a specific button the “hero”

Gabriel White
– provide people with an understanding of their own behavior

Aza Raskin
– don’t force users to ask for more content, just give it to them!
– create a “moment of delight”

Jenny Lam
– software is both art & craft
– emotion and idea are supreme
– designers think with their hands and have the ability to communicate through actions

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