For a few years now we’ve been driving from San Francisco to Arcata for Thanksgiving. Dining options are slim pickings off the 101. However, this year we spied a sign advertising BBQ by the Safeway. It turned out to be the Pheonix Bread Company where we enjoyed BBQ pork ribs and a brisket sandwich. We couldn’t resist picking up a couple of loaves of camelized onion bread to add to the Thanksgiving feast. We stopped again on our way back to eat some more BBQ, and returning home with pumpkin bread, some chicken vole-au-vents and the biggest sticky bun I have ever seen.

If you are ever heading up north that way. Don’t miss it. Youll find it just after entering Willits through the famous archway, apparently adopted from Reno, Nevada which it declared as the “Biggest Little City in the World” and now hails Willits as the “Gateway to the Redwoods.” (via onroute). Take a right into parking lot, it’s tucked away between the Safeway and a video store.

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