Regular readers have noticed a sudden surge in ultrasaurus blog posting this week. It seems that every year or so I go through some quiet times when I am absorbed in work or other pursuits, as has happened for most of the past six months or so. I knew it had gotten silly when Ron Jeffries posted one of my webOS rants which I sent via email. Gosh, I thought, I should be blogging this stuff myself. In fact, once I got started, it seems that I have backlog of various links and observations that I have been itching to write about. Thanks Ron :)

I find this blogging phenomenon peculiarly compelling, primarily because of its social nature. It connects my odd ideas with other people who share them, disagree with them or find them interesting. When I started this blog in March, 2003, I wrote “It feels a little strange to write words for a potential audience of anonymous strangers. Oddly, I never felt that way about writing software.” It’s pretty neat that some folk are willing to shed anonymity and are no longer strangers.

In addition to owning my little slice of cyberspace with the blog itself, I’ve staked a claim via Technorati and BlogShares. I was amused to see how ultrasaurus valuation has recently plummeted. I don’t quite understand why the stock price has continued to rise, despite intermittent activity and no significant market traffic, but I’m not quite interested enough to wade through this info on their site and see how these things are measured. Blogshares has provided the graph below, which oddly implies that it displays my personal valuation rather than that of this blog. LOL (Didn’t anyone ever teach them to label their axes?)

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