Although I am proud of our corporate management for setting aside its religious upbringing and recognizing some of the serious limitations in this first incarnation of the JesusPhone, it is exciting to see members of the OpenLaszlo congregation diving in.

By all reports, iPhoneDevCamp brought together a lot of creative folks and sparked some great apps. Ben Shine writes about the experience working with Bret Simister over the weekend and creating a new application from scratch in about a day and a half. And, of course, it had to have some of that “swooshy” (aka cinematic) UI. They decided on a game, matching photos and news feeds from RSS stories. The game is here, and Ben has even posted the source on svn (just 400 lines of LZX).

Update: for those of you experimenting with OpenLaszlo on the iPhone, please add comments or links to wiki page

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