Gartner has Laszlo Systems one of four “Cool Vendors in Application Development” for 2007. Highlights from the report…

* Software development remains difficult and demanding.
* The collaboration and coordination of projects is creating demand for higher levels of integration.
* Tools that simplify the process of programming by creating a higher level of abstraction may break some of the barriers for development and remain an area of innovation.

OpenLaszlo is cool because it is the only RIA platform in which developers can define the user
interface in a declarative (nonprocedural) manner and target different runtime environments,
including Ajax, Flash and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (Java for mobile devices). Although
many vendors are using a declarative XML representation for the interface (including Adobe,
Microsoft and Nexaweb), no other vendor enables this XML to be rendered to as many different

Laszlo has been able to land some flagship customers, such as Wal-Mart, Barclays, H&R Block,
Time and It also has partnerships with IBM and Sun.

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