There’s a nice zdnet article about cooqy, an eBay site developed using OpenLaszlo by Robert Yeager . “After taking a look at AJAX, Flash and traditional web development platforms, he settled on OpenLazslo. According to him it was because it was a mature product as well as free and open source. OpenLaszlo’s elegant XML-based programming model was a big plus and made for rapid development. Cooqy went from nothing to core functionality in 4 weeks of part time work.”

I found the app compelling, and imediately got sucked into shopping-mode by the “photo collage” view. It must be a very successful application where I can get distracted by my usual analysis of the UI and Web 2.0-iness of it all to instead be enticed to actually *use* the application :)

I’m thinking of buying a few pounds of legos:

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