Revver shares ad revenue with video creators and affiliates who publish. The videos are transmitted in QuickTime format with an ad embedded at the end. If you click on the ad, it generates revenue. It’s nice that you only see the ad if you watch till the end :)

The first video I watched was Democracy at the Point of a Gun (“SCENE & HEARD: In the red chair!”), which I really liked. I sure hope some of the ad revenue goes back to the artist and not just to the person who filmed and upload it. In any case, I suppose exposure is good. The sound quality was really nice and I love the informal atmosphere of the red chair recording. Just the kind of thing you get with this viral video stuff that is pretty unusual in the mass media.

After browsing around a bit, I found a real cool video of flashlight animation.

How do they do that? Sadly, Revver provides no additional info aside from author, title and keywords. I would love to make a video like this myself… or do the flashlight trails just happen with a regular video camera?

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