On Thursday night’s OpenLaszlo developer meetup, Don Hopkis showed off his latest creation, an interactive news network, offering a “fair and balanced source of shameless spin and political propaganda.”

Click the buttons along the top to see different views. The scene below is the “Q” channel:

Naturally you can modify views using Don’s famous pie menus (just click anywhere, choose “go away” then “camera’ to change what can be seen in one of the views)

Although Don’s presentation was my favorite, it was awesome to see such a variety of Laszlo applications presented from developers far and wide. Antun gave a great little introduction to LZX showing off how to write a layout to do fancy interactive filtering. It was great to see so many folks there. For more details on the meetup, check out TikiRobot’s liveblogging of the event which has lots of pictures too!

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