Laszlo is sponsoring a developer meet-up on March 16.

Those of you not privvy to the wild flurry of checkins on the laszlo-dev mailing list may not have heard that our oft-told story of LZX as a platform-independent language has recently been validated with a DHTML/Ajax implementation. You can follow some of the gory technical details at the blogs of Max Carlson, Adam Wolff, and the OpenLaszlo weblog.

It is something you just gotta see to believe — the same source code compiles to either Flash or DHTML. Of course, the applications are pure Laszlo. As usual, the demo application doesn’t really look like Flash or DHTML — Ajax may be the technical term du jour, but this is cinematic. Check it out at David Temkin’s etech talk next week or in SF at the meet-up the week after.

Also, Laszlo developers! This is your chance to show off your projects. Sign up to give a demo or just come to hang out and chat about LZX or your latest cool interface idea.

Space is limited… reserve your spot now.

4 thoughts on “Pizza, Beer and AJAX

  1. Awwww, I too am on the wrong side of the world. Any chance of some webinars showing this? This is pretty exciting news that would be great to learn more about over here in Australia!

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