[update] Laszlo Mail is released into the wild! You can sign up for your very own account and check out our latest version at www.laszlomail.com As you may know, it has been available for EarthLink subscribers since June.

Laszlo Mail Screenshot

E-mail provides a lot of interesting UI challenges and opportunities. Lately there has been a lot of innovation in this area, both on the web and on the desktop. People use e-mail everyday. For many, it has become the center of their online experience. Even though web mail is missing some features of desktop mail applications, more and more people are moving to web-based mail because of the convenience of it being available on any computer you happen to be near.

Its exciting to see this project unveiled. I’ve been working on it for a while with my colleagues at Laszlo. Using LZX, we have been able to take a structured and modular approach to the problem. Its easy to focus on one class or area of the app with specific test files, getting that one part to work smoothly, then its pretty rewarding to see the larger application evolve. For me, it has really validated what I already believed — that the OpenLaszlo platform is ideal for building complex applications and creating a great web experience.


2 thoughts on “Laszlo Mail

  1. Looks great! Hopefully this gets some more media attention on your technology. I have been interviewing for work in Austin recently and most places have not even heard of RIA development with XML-based scripting languages.

    It will be interesting to see how your new email app compares to Gmail, which for now seems to be the app to beat as far as RIAs go. I am impressed with Gmail, but I would bet that tools like yours could cut down on the development time significantly and offer better interactivity in the browser.

  2. I find the mail app something that will prove Laszlo’s capabilities and therefore make it simpler to justify to others. However how can I find out more about this? I have requested info from your web site twice now but haven’t got anywhere, if you could help that would be great.

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