If you read this blog and you write software, maybe you want to work with me at Laszlo…

I’m leading Laszlo’s Application Development Group. Our first application is Laszlo Mail. You can see it live and in action if you are an Earthlink customer. I really never thought writing an e-mail app would be fun, but this project has changed my mind. There’s real innovation required to create a effective mix of web application data model and desktop application UI. We develop our applications using the OpenLaszlo platform with Java code on the back-end. You don’t have to know LZX to apply. I’ve found that any good engineer can pick it up pretty quickly.

User interface developers seem to be a rare breed these days. I certainly appreciate what it takes to create a highly scalable server, but with old-world web technology, user interface development consists of generating a stream of text (well, HTML). For the past ten years or so, most industry jobs simply did not provide the opportunity to design or develop great interactive UIs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the web. I just think it can get a whole lot better.

I’m looking for a software developer who is passionate about building great user experiences — software that is usable and that people want to use. You might be an AJAX guru… or you could be a Flash developer, but if so, you’d better have some real engineering experience and know-how. Or perhaps, like me, you used to develop desktop applications before moving to client/server or web application development.

Anyway, we’re hiring. It could be full-time or contractor, but must be local to the SF Bay Area, since you’ll want to come into the office most days. If you’re interested, send your resume along with URL references to your work (if available online) to resumes _at_ laszlosystems _dot_ com. Also, include a note that you learned about the job opening here. I’m interested to know if this blog-o-sphere recruitng tactic will work.

2 thoughts on “wanna work with me at Laszlo?

  1. Sarah, you might want to include the location. Unless you are thinking of hiring someone to telecommute from wherever they are, and even then you should let people know that.

  2. of course I do !!!

    Open source, Open Standards, Open platform, Rich Internet Applications

    I could want nothing more!

    My resume is in and I hope to meet y’all soon!


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