This school year my weekly volunteering effort has been teaching hands-on science to my son’s first grade class. As usual, I turned to the Internet for inspiration and once I got on the right track I have found an endless supply of great resources for doing science experiments with supplies easily found around the house and in grocery stores. It’s kind of like part-time home-schooling.

Whenever I find good stuff on the web, I am inspired to give back in kind. So, I’ve been working on a web site that documents the science experiements that I’ve done so far. I hope to inspire other people who are interested in volunteering or who already work with kids. You don’t have to be a parent to do it! Call up your local school and chances are that they would love you to come and work with the kids.

Check out, named after our most recent science experiment. My son thinks the name is too silly and that the paperclips were not really flying, they were floating. He says that I should have name it, but he’s too young to understand the profileration of domain names and that name was taken. Besides it’s my site and I like the name.

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