Bryan Rieger writes about Kinabalu and his ideas for a web based Laszlo GUI editor.

It reminds me of other efforts created in Flash and Director. I can only remember the more recent Balthasar’s Pro:Fx. In 1997, there was a really neat animated typography web-based authoring tool done in Shockwave. Sadly, I can’t find the link. Back in the Director’s hey-day there were a number of great tools that let you create Director movies. Its a tribute to the Director and Flash teams that so many early titles still run flawlessly, yet many no longer alive — either accidentally separated from their source code or abandoned by their creators.

I sincerely hope that Laszlo’s XML format and open source initiative will allow people to create applications like this that will have a long lifespan. I like Bryan’s fresh perspective of integrating recent trends in information collecting: bookmark tools and XML feeds.

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