I appreciate the right to help choose my government representatives. I enjoy the option of wearing pants or shorts if I want. I’m pleased that I was allowed to learn to read and write. It can be very convenient to control how many babies I want to have. It’s awfully useful to be able to open a bank account and own property in my name. I like knowing that my husband or boyfriend cannot legally beat me. It’s really swell to keep the money that I earn.

poster from one angry girl designs

p.s. actually, I’m not so shy of using the f-word to describe myself, but I really liked this poster which I saw on my travels

2 thoughts on “I’m not a feminist, but…

  1. Seriously that’s my name! I loved this poster, too. I’m doing a school project in my adult ed class on ‘Has Feminism Returned to Its Roots’. Had to comment just because of the name coincidences!!! =)

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