Adam Wolff has started a blog. His first entry “Why I like JavaScript (Part I)” details Javascript’s __proto__ construct. He also includes an LZX unit test which demonstrates his point. It runs in the web page and you can even click on “edit program” to modify and re-run the test.

I must admit to ambivalence on the use of scripting languages. It somehow feels more comfortable to slip into C or C++ with their mature IDEs and close-to-the-machine power. However, I have long been enamored of how quickly I can create an application using a scripting language that provides useful high level objects — no need to allocate memory, write header files, or create a grafport, device context, gworld or whatever.

I’ve lived in XML and Javascript for almost a year at Laszlo Systems and its been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed working with Adam who knows well how to make Javascript roll over and do tricks. I look forward to futher reading at Victor Laszlo Moholy.

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