A preview release of Laszlo Presentation Server version 2.0 is now available. Woo hoo!

  • New Component Framework: All the components you expect in a web app plus a few more. This framework is fully laszlo-rrific — with the details you know and love from an OS GUI with all the cinematic user experience you’ve come to expect from a Laszlo app. The components support simple declaration, data binding, full scripting APIs, and keyboard navigation — whew!
  • KRANK Optimizer: Every web engineer worries about performance. Here’s something for the Laszlo bag o’ tricks. This new “instant-on” technology allows developers to optimize an application so that it will start immediately once downloaded.
  • Live examples in the Documentation: I use this feature all the time. With a single click you can modify and recompile examples.
  • Better and cooler data binding: if you liked data binding and replication from v1, you’re gonna love the new $path expression.

The components were my main gig on this release, jamming with Bret Simister, Peter Andrea, and the gang. I think this may be the first component set created entirely in declarative XML. The complete source code for the components is included with the developer edition. You can check out a component example which you change the style to see the components in different colors. The components use a new “Ultra Pixel” font created especially for Laszlo by Truth in Design.

Download LPS 2.0 Developer Edition and try it yourself.

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