In keeping a web log, I’ve noticed that good information and interesting people find me. Christian Walker called this phenomenon a reverse search engine.

I find that the more I write about topics that interest me, the less I need to to surf the web via key word searches. I still love google, but more frequently I find interesting sites through technorati and trackback.

Interesting sites I’ve found:
Usable Design Media
Peter Lindberg

People really do make the best librarians.

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  1. Where can I get access data on frequency of use of words and phrases submitted by users of public search engines on the Internet such as Yahoo, MSN, Metacrawler, Overure?

  2. Are there any reverse search engines that will give one the number of times a particular keyword is used by a particular search engine e.g. Yahoo
    thanks Alec Cazalet

  3. Hi came across your web site as a result of keying ‘reverse search engines’ into Goggle.

    What do I mean by ‘reverse search engines’?

    Well, suppose I was thinking of selling say……’lime green tea pots’ on the internet.

    I would want to find out first of all if there was a market for such a product.

    So I was wondering if there was a website (or a search engine) where I could go to and find out

    by typing the phrase ‘lime green tea pots’ to see how many people have actually searched for ‘lime

    green tea pots’

    As oppose to a search engine such as Google where if you type in ‘lime green teapots’ you would

    come up with a list of sites selling lime green tea pots

    Do such search engines exist?. Am I on the right track?

    Thank you in anticipation.

    I look forward to your response.

    kindest regards
    Hil Smith

  4. I wanted to know the answer to the abovementioned comments on reverse search engines.

    I also look forward to your response


  5. Hello came across your web site as a result of searching for ‘reverse search engines’. Just to let you guys know that it does exist and so far one company has it, that I know of, at this time. In order to use it you have to join their package plan of $6200.00 for six web sites that they create for you for your business. Then you can have access to their website for members only to use their tools like the reverse search engine and keyword analysis tool. Both of the tool alone can save you 30 to 40 hours of research for your web site. the reason I know this I have seen the tools in action at a Internet Marketing Workshop by StoresOnline,Inc at Orlando Florida. I did not what to dish out over 6,000 for use of there tools so I am looking on line for competitors of StoresOnline or a software package that does the same. If any body finds a software package post info here.


  6. If you look at a company called, they help people with online marketing etc. by helping them make e-commerce sites. I got started in it but had a baby… they get fed first…

    Anyway, they have a reverse search engine product which looks at the previous months searches for all 5 of the top search engines not including google… they play their own game – AdWords etc… but if you do a reverse search on say the word halloween in November, it will let you know that in October, there were 4 Million+ searches on that word alone, then it will list in order of searches any other words that were searched with the halloween, like “Halloween costume”… so that way you can see all the other things that people are searching on in regards to your topic. How cools is that.

    Anyway, they also have tools for keyword searches that let you know the websites that use a particular word, how many times it appears in the site and is delivered via e-mail in a PDF file… very good really.

    Now of course there is a fee for such products, but it is very reasonable, if you want to be successful…

    Oh, overture is where you can bid on certain words to make sure you appear in the top of the search engines it supports, do a search on a word and in the top right of the screen click “View advertisers max bids”… and interesting one is CRM… look at how much they pay per click???

    Live long and prosper =:-)

  7. May I STRONGLY suggest that you steer clear of Storesonline and its method of “recruiting” new members/ its expensive and the ONLY thing that AMY be of use IS the “Reverse search engine” tool they use..BUT please. read what’s on line ,all the manyworrying stories about their methods and how their promise don’t “QUITE” match up with the actuallity!!and stay AWARE!
    p.s IF anyone actually MANAGES TO locate a similar product out there? I,along with many millions of others would love to buy/beg/steal a copy of same!!

  8. The Keyword Selector Tool that Aaron posted on Nov 17 is EXACTLY the same thing as StoresOnline Reverse Search Engine. (Thanks Aaron!) They didn’t even try to make it look different in any way.

    I just attended the StoresOnline workshop today in Austin. It was a fantastic motivational and eye opening experience. I have plenty of online know-how and I therefore know how to get all of that stuff that they are “selling” for free or nearly free. So I didn’t pony up the $2500+ that they were asking for the package. But a lot of people there were. I heard the credit card processing machine in the back going crazy.


  9. I just attended a conference that Storeonline was conducting. I am going to attend 1 of the workshops. I have read a lot of negative comments about the company. can anyone say anything positive about them. I would hate to waste my time. Help!!!!

  10. Sarah thanks for starting this dialog. I just attended the full day seminar from stores online. This is a high-pressure sales concept. Had I had the 6000. dollars they were trying to charge for their service I would now be suffering from buyers regret. I’m glad that cash flow issues forced me to take a closer look. thanks again Mack

  11. Am I glad I stumbled on this site! I too was looking for a reverse search site because I attended a 90 minute pre seminar from Storesonline. It didn’t cost anything, but when I got home I did some research as did my friend who came with me and lo and behold, many complaints to Utah BBBureau. Not to mention they were under another name not too long ago!
    I still plan on doing a store, but with a husband who is an electronics engineer he has some buddies who can help do web site and all.
    Thank God for the internet! There is anything you need to look for, buy, sell, etc! As my husband always says…”It’s the most powerful tool in the world!” Thanks for your great site!

  12. I’m going to a stores on line workshop this week. What information is worth taking note of?

  13. Just got back from a stores online intenet conference. They are very good. You get free info, a chance to network with people interested in online marketing, a business planner, free food and a chance to sign up for their 8 hour workshop for $30 (You Plus a Guest) They are selling website services and consulting. I have yet to attend the 8 hour event and have not bought the product but the company is worth looking into if you are serious about getting into the marketing online.

    They were talking about reverse search engines and that is how I found this site!

  14. Attended a StoresOnline 90 minute seminar last night. Sounded good until I started reading the comments on this site and others. Now, I am not so sure. Looks like you could end up giving these people thousands of dollars buying one service after another until you’re hooked. Thanks for this site!

  15. I just attended the storesonline 8 hour workshop. It was worth it – for $30 my son and I had a great lunch, networked with some interesting people and got a few good ideas and insights that will save me time and make me money. I would not however go for their package program. Anytime someone says the “deal” is for today only you have to be skeptical. However I counted over 25 people that did go for it and at $6K they have quite a nice business going. I suppose if someone is not net savy or isn’t able or willing to do the research then paying someone else may be ok. I just didn’t like not being able to do my due diligence before committing.

  16. Went to stores online seminar, the 8 hour workshop, had to leave beacuse son and wife were home sick, left before wife was suppose to go to work, when I said I had to leave becuase of that, they still tried to sell me their services. Any business that tries to seel you something when you tell them that your wife and 3 year old are at home throwing up and makes you argue with them is NOT worth it.
    So who wants to know when the internet was started? Who wants to know how to market a product.
    Go to your library or ask others, it is the same information they tell you about.

  17. I just attended the store online 90 minutes seminar and going to attend the 8 hours seminar soon. I came across this site when they mention reverse search engine. Thanks for this site that I now know more about Store Online background. They told us that this is the first country in Asia they are promoting their product.

  18. im not very sure that this seminar can help me to improve my life.But i enjoy the seminar and i got free gift from them.i dont loss anything anyway just keep it a try up.

  19. Attended the Storesonline 8 hour seminar today. I received a lot of information. I did not purchase anything because I am a web developer and I can do everything myself. But for those who cannot or don’t think they can do it themselves, it could be a good deal. They are not saying that you will become rich from doing this, they are selling the marketing tools to be able to sell your website, the tools to build your own site or they can build one for you by you “filling in the blanks” on their program.

  20. Went to the StoresOnLine eight hour seminar yesterday. Excellent information, good lunch, but keep your money in your pocket until you have had a chance to find out what the actual value of their services are. So far (and I could be wrong) it looks like most of what they promoted as pluses for their custom designed website is available on the net free or much cheaper.

    Good policy is to have nothing to do with any company that runs a “today only special” no matter how great it sounds. Personally, I would now felt ripped off if I had gone for it. On the other hand, there are apparently some people who have made a good thing out of a StoresOnLine deal. Just do your own investigation first. Mine leads me to believe that what they offer is way overpriced.

    That said, I would advise anyone to attend one of their seminars, it is definitly worth the thirty bucks for the ideas presented.

  21. I also attended the storesonline workshop in Ottawa this week. Talk about an all day event.. My brain was hurting by the end of the day from filtering out all the “Act now” salespitch B.S. The actual classroom internet marketing training could have been summed up in a 20 to 30 minute lecture. $2500 Plus tax for their services. What are their services? Well, they didn’t get real specific, and probably for good reason. That gets you 3 websites for the year… and access to their software… Their software ain’t worth that much. Neither are the websites. They were doing more fishing than teaching. Fishing for the ones that don’t know enough to slow down and think… There must be other ways… Oh, and if you wanted a merchant account with your websites, they wanted another $1000!! You gotta be kidding me! Understand that they have to pay for all of there overhead to hold these conferences, travel, rent, meals, And you can be damn sure that the consultants get a commisson for everyone that signs on the dotted line. What really blew me away is the amount of people that signed up. Over 10 = $50,000! Not bad for a day’s work.

  22. We are about to attend an all day event with this company here in the UK and was wondering if you could tell us where to get the resources they use instead of paying the

  23. I attended the stores online confrence here in new zealand yes you can get a lot of the things they talk about free or at a cheaper price.
    But a lot of it seemed to be really good. My husband and i decided to buy the storefronts we had the option of 3 or 6 store fronts we brought 6 and have found them really good as well as helpful when we needed it we haven’t paid them to do any of the work we done it ourselves then we would go into customer support chat once we thought we got it right and asked them if it was it hasn’t cost us any more than what we paid.
    I think stores online is like most products there are going to people who like it and people who don’t. If you look hard enough you can find something bad about almost anything.
    With our store fronts we have actually made some of our 6k back as we went to people we know that aren’t too good with computers and prospected them for building a storefront for them adn we have agreed for a price to build and maintain th storefront for them we kept it at a reasonable price adn once hte store is making really good money we get a % of the sales.

    So all in all i haven’t found anything wrong with stores online. I have always found them helpful and friendly and the websites are easy to design.

    We were told when we brought the storefronts what was in the kits and it had about selling storefronts or leasing them. So there are ways to make some of the money back if you do decide to buy them.

  24. Also in saying this along with my stores online sites we have a normal website as well through our internet company and there is a big difference between the two if i wanted to start a business through my normal site i would need to find and buy a lot of products just to get it to where my business sites are

  25. Did the StoresOnlines 90min & 8hr. 30$ wkshop.
    Man, I was set to buy their product until last night when I remembered

    and thought I’d see if anyone had posted on them.
    WOW! 256 at last count. By government standards, 1 call = 10-15 people, that is 3000 people with issues with this company.

    Kept my money in my pocket. But was totally bummed when I realized the webtools they paraded were only offered IF you bought. Not as a courtesy (though, I’d understand if they didn’t offer them, they are after all, a business). But what bummed me was that they never came out and SAID the tools we were all drooling over were only available IF you bought a site.

    So, finding sarahblog and the keyword search made my day. I’d buy you flowers if I could!

    Buyer beware: subtle high pressure to buy, today only, too good to be true, too easy… and I have to say that they look like a bunch of Mormon kids on mission–no facial hair, really short hair, neutral pants, white or solid shirts with ties that pinch their neck… All they have to do is put the name pin on the other side of the shirt and I’d run screaming from the room.

  26. Thanks for this blog. I went to a Storesonline 90 minute seminar and signed up for the 8 hour workshop but, now, after reading the comments, I will probably do my own hunting.

  27. I wish I had known how to do due diligence before I signed up for StoresOnline. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have $6,000 or less and took out a loan for 18% with them, which should have told me something, but I felt desperate to generate an income as I am in my 60’s and very poor. I had to close my bank account to protect myself. One of the reasons I went with the program is that I thought Mormons were ethical. Not these guys. This is a finely tuned scam. In business 11 years? well then the customer service should be perfect. Not able to get a password established easily but you have coaches who call say they can help you with everything? The coaches by the by live just 3 miles away but Storesonline doesn’t have any connection? Yeah, Right. Feel like your frustrations just reflect your inexperience and inadequacies and someday you’ll get it going? Believe that if you just keep trying you’ll make money without costly advertising and investing in per clicks? Feel like you’ve been taken but its your own fault? Nah, this is a scam. Don’t let your ego make you think its your fault. These guys have been at it for years. Any time you discover a business that had to reinvent itself as in from iMerchant to StoresOnline, then heed the warning signs. There are many sad unforunate aspects to a situation like this for large number of people who are taken in by the youthful friendly high-hype atmosphere. For me, these people are crooks and they get to ruin my credit because I refuse to pay them $4,000 for a product and a service that was not only misrepresented but lied about. They need to be put out of business.

  28. Hi, I’m from Malaysia and I’ve just attended the 1 day seminar by Stores Online 2day. I was so excited by their talk and wanted to purchase their services. Unfortunately I din have that much money to spent.It was RM 18 000! Is it true what u guys are writing here? There was really a lot of people signing up. They really gave a very convincing talk today.

  29. I’m from Malaysia too. Paid RM 18,700 (abt USD 4,900) for the 6 websites package yesterday, 2nd April 2005. While I applaud them for flawless organisation for the seminar, which I paid RM 150 (abt USD 39.50) to attend, I did not like the idea of them lying to us that the ‘reverse search’ engine is unique to

    First thing this morning I went in their merchant page and tried out the ‘reverse search’ engine, and could not get the page uploaded. Then I googled for ‘reverse search engine’ and found this page. When I click, I get the same failure message that I got when accessing through Storesonline merchant page. Hence proving that they lied to us at the seminar!!!

    I have just asked my credit card company to block the payment. I will be sending them back the introductory package. Lucky for Malaysians, they could not process the credit card payment onsite due to the large amount (RM18,700 is a BIG sum here) and could only clear the payment when they return to the US.

    Thanks a million to Sarah for putting this blog and Aaron, Shirley, & David for highlighting the scam on ‘reverse search’. You guys just saved me RM 18,700!!

  30. I went to stores online seminar in Malaysia too. I felt something fishy about the whole sales pitch and a reverse search engine that solely belongs to a company. The reason they try to get you to take the “only today offer” is so that you wont go back and find websites like this telling you that you made a mistake. I am glad for those who paid credit card which you could cancel before it is processed; that is if you know it before it is too late.Not too good news for those who paid cash.They did put up a quote by mark twain saying the only regret you will have 20years from now is the things you did not do 20 years ago. I have heard an advice from a marketing expert who is councilling 10 millionaires who went bankrupt. He was amazed to find that all of them had one character in common; they never missed an offer that knocked at their door.

  31. I’m glad so many people have found this posting useful, particularly in allowing people to avoid an apparent scam by the folks at StoresOnline.

    However, there isn’t much new info being added anymore, so I’m going to close comments on this page. Feel free to send me a note from the feedback link on the main page. If you want to thank me, make a donation to your local public school :)

    Good luck everyone!

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