I attended a fun meeting of the Bay Area Laszlo User Group this week. It’s an independent group started by a local developer, but Laszlo lends its tiki conference room and sponsors refreshments.

The group project was a tree control written in LZX, now posted at mylaslzo.com. I’ve always wanted to do pair programming as advocated by the serious XP folks. This was like XP for learning: lots of digressions to explore a new concept, discussion of style as well as practical tips, plenty of refactoring, group debugging, and in the end, some code for everyone to take home and use in their own projects.

Notes are posted on the group’s wiki.

September’s meeting is not yet scheduled, the date and topic will be posted on this page or you can sign up on the yahoo group if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “beer, pizza, and code

  1. Nifty tree app — the timing on the animation seems just about right. The dissolve/collapse is quick enough not to interfere with the next mouse motion.

    On the other hand, I dispute the notion that the +/- is the best way to enable expand collapse in a tree widget. See my take at “redefining the tree” in the name link.

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