I just discovered Mark Pilgrim’s Recommended Reading. This nifty page lets you type in your url and generates a list of blogs you might want to read. It worked quite well for me.
(I found this site thanks to a comment by Baldur Bjarnason on but’s she’s a girl).

I used to start my Saturday afternoon web surfing by posing an interesting question to Google, but lately I’ve been “ego-surfing,” as I hear its called, at Technorati. While some bloggers strive to increase their readership, I don’t mind living in a small corner of the blogosphere. The few folks who do link to my site provide me with interesting reading. I’ve noticed that Technorati doesn’t think this page is a blog… how would it know?

From The Truth Laid Bear, I like the concept of the new blog showcase but alas found no interesting reading. I added myself to the ecosytem. I expect I’ll be categorized as an insignificant microbe, and that’s fine with me.

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