The reports of the demise of the web economy must be greatly exagerated. I recently found my browser pointed at the Web Economy Bullshit Generator. As these things go, this one is pretty good. I had thought I had heard (and perhaps spoken) every bullshit internet term there was, but “vortal” was unknown to me. pointed me to the Acronym Finder. Once I learned the definition of the term (vertical portal), I was surprised that Amazon listed no books on the topic. (I just had to check since AF auto-generated this convenient link.) I was hoping that the great Internet Bust of the new millenium had actually killed the abundant buzzword production of the late 20th century — perhaps it’s just the nature of “high” tech. I found an Ohio company that attributes its revenue growth to the creation of the company’s first vortal (eek).

…integrate synergistic niches, evolve e-business experiences, transition dynamic initiatives, target viral markets, enhance magnetic infrastructures, deliver transparent applications…

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