Indeed. Their heritage is, of course, HTML. The original vanity press of the Internet. However, this style of self-publishing arrives with different connotations than self-publishing in the world of books of paper. It is inexpensive and easy. If your uncle’s dog has a website, why not you?

Web sites and, lately, blogs provide indices to the vast world wide web. Find a like-minded individual, sift through their personal musing and selected links, and you enter the web through a friendly portal. When I can find ’em, I prefer an individual’s quirky view of the web to search-engine-generated lists of sites.

After lurking in the land of blogs for quite a while, I’ve decided to create one of my own. It feels a little strange to write words for a potential audience of anonymous strangers. Oddly, I never felt that way about writing software.

I imagine in my mind’s ear that this story is for my friends and colleagues, but I’m posting it on the public Internet. Since I have benefited from the blogs of others, perhaps there are those in this sprawling ‘net community that may be interested in mine.

One thought on “Are blogs the vanity press of the Internet?

  1. Bookmarked!

    I’m really happy that, of all people, YOU have a blog.

    Looking forward to being part of your “potential audience of anonymous strangers”, though I won’t be anonymous, nor a stranger! ;)


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